B prides itself on a personal approach to designing your home. Our core values of trust, professionalism and efficiency are reflective in everything that we do. For our clients this translates into a thorough understanding of your project needs and a tailored 9 step process

STAGE ONE Enquiry and Consultation

Our initial consultant enables us to understand the scope design and aesthetic of your project. We will follow this up with a project and fee proposal detailing your requirements and our recommendations along with proposed timeline and outline project coats as required. Upon agreeing the terms of appointment, we will commence with the project.

STAGE TWO  Design Preparation

Our design team will at this stage conduct a measured site survey, assuming CAD plans are not already available. We will produce 2D scale of your property's existing plans and elevations from which we will commence with initial design discussions. Taking into consideration your lifestyle, as well as your design ambitions and aesthetic requirements, we can create a brief that reflects precisely what you desire and how we can achieve this together.

STAGE THREE Architecture Spatial Design & Third Party Approvals

Considering the site structure and the spatial configuration our design team will draw up proposed 2D scaled spatial CAD layouts as well as preliminary furniture plans which we will present to you for initial consideration. Thereafter we will investigate the feasibility of the proposals with any necessary third party such as local planning authorities.


 We will begin implementing the design brief in the form of concept drawings which will comprise of drawings, samples and moodboards for all furniture fixtures and equipment. Once we have agreed to the concepts, they can evolved into the final design.

STAGE FIVE Tender Preparation

We transform our final drawings into highly detailed drawings and specifications along with a schedule of works, lighting and electrical layouts and furniture fixtures and equipment schedules in the preparation for the distribution of the tender to our panel of contractors.

STAGE SIX Tender Management

Having obtained tenders for the project we begin the tender analysis process liaising with our contractors in order to address the proposals return to us. Combining all third party costs furniture fixings and equipment and tenders, we will generate an overall projection of costs for the project which we will discuss with you enabling us to agree the most suitable contractor.

STAGE SEVEN Construction Preparation

Once you have appointed a contractor we will advise you on the next stages of construction, aid the contractor in mobilisation and set in place our project coordination protocols and communication channels.

STAGE EIGHT Project Coordination

Throughout the construction we will conduct regular site visits in order to manage the implementation of the design providing up dates to all parties to review progress as well as monthly financial updates. Any furniture fixings and equipment orders that fall outside the contractors remit will also be dealt with through B. Upon reaching the end of the project we will attend the site and compile a Schedule of Defects which will passed on to the main contractor prior to practical completion. Another survey after repairs have been completed sees the project closed and the property handed over for occupation.

STAGE NINE  Post Completion Services

As part of our after-care service we will provide support post-practical completion with regular communication to ensure a smooth adjusted period. We like to make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied with their new home and as such we visit the property six weeks after practical completion in order to take note of any outstanding defects or issues which we will get resolved as soon as possible